ACTIVE                              RELATIONAL                   FAITHFUL                    HUMBLE

                    AVAILABLE                              VOCAL                            BRAVE                    WILLING                            

SERIOUS                        MIRACULOUS                 SPECIFIC                         TRUSTING                     

                   PROVIDER                              PATIENT                         GENEROUS                RELATABLE                   

UNDERSTANDING           CAPTIVATING               INCLUSIVE                      GENTLE                         

                  EMOTIONAL                 UNSTOPPABLE                      LOVE                               VISIBLE


If you have followed my Facebook page (LindaMarieCrawfordWriter), you might have read some of the Advent words and dictionary definitions that I posted in December. These twenty-four words had such an impact on me that I felt compelled to share a bit more.

Perhaps you were moved by my daily word posts and applied some of these powerful words to your everyday life. Maybe you thought of a particular person when you read a specific word.  I imagine you might have honed in on one or two of them and couldn’t stop thinking about the concept. Or, you may have figured out why I chose to use a different word each day to describe Advent.

At the beginning of December, the pastor of my church went over this list with the congregation. My fascination grew with each one he brought to our attention. You see, he was describing Jesus and how God moved from invisible to visible with the birth of His son.

After careful consideration of each of these twenty-four words, I found myself lumping them into one word this Christmas season. JOY!

As Jesus lived on earth, he brought JOY through his visibility and actions. The season of His birth is a reminder of all He was and is – all He continues to provide for His world.


Christmas brings never ending words of the season—like faith, hope, and love. My wish for each of you is a continuing JOY this coming year. My hope is for the world to act out these profound words as Jesus did and make a difference in each day. Even if we each choose just one of the words and practice the concept in our everyday lives, our world will be a better place and give the children of today a better tomorrow—one filled with faith, hope, and love.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the JOY of His promises fill you with love today and give you faith to trust and hope in your tomorrows.



A special thank you to Pastor Brandon Grant for his awesome perspective and Biblical teaching.