The Choice of JOY


This morning, on a bright and sunny Election Day in southern California, I’m hit with the reality that we have a choice. Now some may say we have limited options, but we must look at the facts, do our best to make a rational decision, and view this election and our lives through JOY colored glasses.

          Negativity hits us square in the face—we have a choice.

          We find ourselves bewildered—we have a choice.

          We wonder what’s becoming of our world—we have a choice.

          Discontent surrounds us at times—we have a choice.

          People appear angry—we have a choice.

          We believe we don’t have much choice—we have a choice.

          Confusion sets in—we have a choice.

          We contemplate whether or not our vote will count—we have a choice.

          Our children watch—we have a choice.

          Our mothers observe—we have a choice.

          The world scrutinizes—we have a choice.

          God sees all—we have a choice.


I encourage you to make a decision regarding this election today. Choose and vote—it’s your right and privilege. You have an opportunity to select the candidate who you believe will help America and our children. Your selection, option, alternative, and preference become your choice.

We live in America and have the right to choose. Every American’s decision is an important one, regardless of our personal viewpoints. I believe in my heart that each one of us does the best we can with what we have to work with. And even though it’s hard to see in some, I trust in the goodness of Americans.

Today, my friend, let your gratefulness abound. Choose JOY and view the world through a different prism. The universe will change right before your eyes as you examine the value in people and the good in life. In an instant, your world will fill with happiness, delight, pleasure, bliss, elation, gladness, and wonder.

JOY is my choice—what’s yours?