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This afternoon, I attended a Barnes & Noble book signing for my author friend, Kate Breslin. Her new book, “Not by Sight”, was released four days ago. I had the privilege of reading this lovely story prior to the release date and wrote the following review.


A historical romance, “Not by Sight” takes place in England during WWI. Grace meets Jack for one brief moment at a costume ball. Months later, they meet again under different circumstances. She becomes the chauffeur and eyes for Jack, who was blinded since Grace last saw him.

Their path takes them on a journey through danger, betrayal, friendships, hope, faith, and love.

As a reader and writer, I enjoyed the characters and what they stood for in “Not by Sight.” From the very first page, Kate had my undivided attention. By the end of the book, I decided it was time for me to ‘paint with words’ in all that I do. Friends, acquaintances, and even survivors of war need to be heard. Most importantly, it is never too late to rediscover faith in God.

This fabulous book is worth reading over and over again. Kate Breslin is my new favorite author.


An insightful author, Kate’s writing captured me from the first page and left me full of JOY. She has a unique way of weaving historical fiction with the plot, characters, and life.

I first met Kate last summer when my sister introduced us. My husband and I were visiting the state of Washington where both women live. My sister is a friend of Kate’s and had given me a copy of Kate’s first book, “For Such a Time”, for my birthday. When I visited the Pacific Northwest a few months later, Kate was gracious enough to meet us for lunch.

The lady I met was a beautiful, down to earth woman who spoke with confidence and enthusiasm. She had no way of knowing her impact on me that day. As a wannabe author and budding writer, I was blessed by Kate’s expertise and passion for life. She encouraged me to continue writing and believe in myself.

“Not by Sight” is a compassionate love story between Grace and Jack. Set in England during WWI, the history woven into the story intrigued me.  When I finished reading, I formed a list of observations that inundated me.

As a reader, the people in the book fascinated me. Perhaps I felt this way because I have shared some of the character’s issues and concerns in my lifetime.

In the book, suspicious first impressions and negative opinions of other people  soon changed relationships into forever friendships. Characters learned to believe in one another. They discovered that honesty leads to trust.

The book left me with a desire to somehow help veterans reenter society. I realized that I often hear what I want to hear, not what someone is actually sharing with me. I need to sharpen my listening skills.

I admired Grace’s JOYful spirit and positive attitude. This main character worked hard and kept her faith and hope in God. When I finished reading, I experienced newfound hope for the human race. It is never too late to rediscover our faith in God.

I am a tremendous advocate of personal growth. The characters in this book became better people as they moved along their journey in life.

As a writer, I learned a few valuable lessons. ‘Painting with words’ became one of the themes of the book. As I read, I realized I do not use enough descriptive words. I am going to try some new techniques and improve my descriptions by ‘painting with words.’

Kate’s book confirmed to me the importance of life lessons in fiction. Her characters had redeeming qualities. Also, she weaved tension throughout the entire book.

Kate, you did it again. Your first book, “For Such a Time”, brought me great JOY. You have developed and written another insightful and honest novel of faith, hope and love. You are one of my favorite writers of all times. I want to be just like you when I grow up.


Kate Breslin’s book, “Not by Sight” hit the store’s on August 4, 2015. I encourage you to get your copy as soon as possible and take the journey with Grace and Jack through love, war, fear, intrigue, friendship, hard work, acceptance, and faith.

While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Kate Breslin’s first book, “For such a Time.” You too can find JOY by reading inspirational historical romance.

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